Your Show My Homework Licence

Everything you need to know for a successful start with Show My Homework

Certificate showing how Show My Homework strengthens school homework policies


Managed roll out and support

Our team of passionate staff are dedicated to supporting you throughout your licence, so you can accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

Rocket showing easy setup and roll out plan by Show My Homework account managers and support team

Staff training

So that you have confident users from day one, we include full staff training at your school so teachers can see just how simple the system is.

Support Team

Our support team works six days a week and provide your teachers, students and parents with free, unlimited support.

Account Manager

Each school has a dedicated Account Manager who provides strategic advice throughout your licence so you can reach your goals.


Included in the licence are free iOS and Android apps for teachers, students and parents so they can manage homework on the go.

Free accounts

Schools pay on a price per pupil basis, meaning that teachers and parents receive full accounts and setup at no additional cost.


As part of your licence, you’ll have access to training guides, tutorials, CPD videos and presentations so you’re always in the know.


Creating champions

With training sessions tailored around your school day, where you want to improve, and how.

Core Training

Included in your licence, this session gets all teachers logged in and setting their first homework. It’s short, simple, and a great foundation for the rest of the features we offer.

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Refresher Course

If you’ve had new staff join or if you're looking to relaunch the system, then this session is for you - an overview of the more advanced features and a chance to revisit the basics.

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Advanced Features

This session will cover the use of all homework types, the gradebook, online submissions and reporting, making sure your staff are equipped to set engaging tasks and monitor progress.

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Save Time & Share

Focusing on teacher collaboration and sharing best practice, this session shares the tips and practical advice on time-saving features giving teachers more time to teach.

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Tracking & Monitoring

Get the progress data you need more efficiently from the Show My Homework reports. Set clear expectations and make informed decisions around homework based on results.

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Parents’ Evening

We help parents get logged in on the web and their mobiles/tablets and set them up so they’re fully engaged from day one. We’ll also answer any questions they have about Show My Homework.

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Teacher Drop In

Our teacher drop in sessions are longer so that all teachers get the chance to ask questions and ensure that they’re comfortable using Show My Homework. We’re on hand to help at every level.

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